Four Amazing New Beauty Products That I MUST Own

Bliss 2012 Election body lotions: Let’s first start off with the genius names (‘O’ bama orange and ‘mint’ romney).  Regardless of your political affiliation, Bliss will be handing out these lotions at upcoming political conventions and, starting August 27th (yesterday!), the body lotions will also be FREE for Bliss.com shoppers that spend $50 or more. Personally, I’m excited.

Corioliss The Mike Brush: I mean.  How did no one ever think of this before?  So brilliant.

Lady Gaga FAME perfume: I love Gaga so, of course, I’m pumped to smell her first fragrance.  It’s the first of its kind in fluid technology, exuding a black mist (“like the soul of fame”) once airborne.  Black perfume = genius.

NARS Andy Warhol Collection: Ok, so it’s not available until October 1st but you can see the full collection HERE. I can. not. wait.


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