Because it’s time for Frank to be back in my life, part II…

If you read my first post about Frank, then you know we refer to Frank as a “he,” mostly because it’s so good that it’s basically a human, so why not be a man?  Now, the reason I’m doing a little round two with this product is because the former Frank is awesome, but he lacks a smell that I love: chocolate.  Ok, well maybe chocolate mixed with coffee, but it’s still awesome and I’m obsessed.

So what makes Frank Cacao Body Scrub special?  He stimulates blood flow, which targets stretch marks, cellulite, psoriasis, varicose veins and acne…yes, even cellulite and body acne(!).  So Frank is also a vegan, which I’m normally not to into (with actual human men), but he’s made up of some good stuff:

  • Roasted and ground robusta coffee beans
  • Organic cacao extract (mmmmm, chocolate)
  • Cold pressed almond oil
  • Cold pressed macadamia oil

I would eat ALL of this.


I applied about two small handfuls of him on my damp skin and then moved my hand in circular massage motions, concentrating on “problem” areas, like my thighs where I dread the day I wake up to cellulite.  You then leave Frank on for about 5 minutes before rinsing and done.  Just be prepared that you WILL have to wash out your tub.  He’s a messy fellow.

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