Fresh, Shiny Breath

So as to what my friends refer to me, a beauty whore, I’ve really got more lip glosses then any girl knows what to do with…but I recently came across Cinnamint Lip Shine by C.O. Bigelow and now I’ve got a new favorite. Most lip glosses and chap sticks all boast the same claims (i.e. soothe lips and have shine, etc.) but this lip gloss is cinnamon and mint-infused for fresh breath PLUS glossy high shine. I’m not usually a cinnamon girl but with the mint mixed in, it’s actually a nice taste. (yes, I always lick my lip gloss).

One thought on “Fresh, Shiny Breath

  1. So funny — I just started using this lip gloss, too (after borrowing it from a friend) and LOVE IT. I went out and bought 3. Two of the cinnamint and one of the vanilla (haven’t tried it yet).

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