Gift Guide: The Best Hostess Gifts

collage of Best Hostess Gifts

Because these will all be a huge hit with any hostess…

Gift Guide: The Best Hostess Gifts

Since we’re about to start holiday party season, I wanted to put together a gift guide with some of my go-to hostess gift ideas, and, of course, some new ones I just discovered!

Fancy AF olive oil and balsamic vinegar

I’m now on my fifth bottle of Brightland olive oil and, actually, I’ve gifted two bottles fairly recently as a hostess gift on its own!  I love this minis kit since the recipient can basically try out a few products at once to see what they like and, trust me, they will like everything.

That IG-famous edible cookie dough

Deux is IG-famous, and for good reason.  It’s delicious, has tons of good-for-you ingredients, AND it looks pretty cute in your fridge, no?  This trio makes for a perfect hostess gift.

Btw, I had the brand’s founder, Sabeena Ladha, on my podcast; you can listen HERE!

Luxurious hand soap

Would I ever spend this much money on hand soap for myself?  Definitely not.  But that’s why it makes an amazing hostess gift, right?  Diptyque’s hand wash is super fancy and, of course, also looks really chic on your bathroom counter or kitchen sink.

A fun ornament

Everyone has their own style and vibe when it comes to Christmas decor, but I love the idea of tying a fun ornament around a bottle of wine or a beauty ornament and giving that as a hostess gift!  It takes the wine up a notch, AND then the host has a new ornament to either hang or use for decor somewhere else.

Unique salts

Personally, I LOVE a fancy salt.  This gift set has some really yummy flavors of salt that anyone would be excited to try out.

A bottle of Veuve

When in doubt, go with the most festive drink of them all: champagne.  Veuve is my favorite, but obviously go with one that aligns with your budget.

A festive serving bowl

I saw a TikTok recently that explained that the absolute BEST hostess gift is the gift of pre-cooked breakfast for the next day.  Such a cool idea, right?  This way the host doesn’t have to worry about cooking a meal right after their party.  I would buy a nice serving bowl like this one, and then add in something yummy like this breakfast casserole.

The chili crunch of your dreams

Good Eggs recently sent me some of their amazing meal kits and products from their collab with Momofuku and, my god, it’s all so good.  Their chili crunch is definitely a fan favorite, and would make an amazing budget-friendly gift!  It’s made with three varieties of chili and crispy dried garlic and shallots, and these ingredients are the same that Momofuku uses in their restaurants, meaning that this chili crunch truly packs the flavor and texture in every bite.  Pair it with eggs, rice bowls, meats, and much more.

Personalized mug cookies

OMG SO CUTE, right?  I love a personalized gift, and these mug stockings are customized with names – you can do the full family and/or pets, etc.  Each set includes four cookies, handmade in Maine.

A cocktail book

A cocktail book (bonus if you pair it with a bottle of booze), is another much-appreciated hostess gift idea.  This one, in particular, is perfect for that Bravo TV fan in your life since it’s written by two Vanderpump Rules stars.

A really nice candle

Of course, a candle is another really easy (and appreciated) hostess gift.  There are tons of really nice ones, but lately I am absolutely obsessed with this Christmas tree-scented one from PHLUR.  It’s familiar and festive and, as the brand says, a modern take on the quintessential winter fragrance.  “Slumbering evergreens frosted with sparkling snow create a crisp and pristine winter landscape inspiring years of cherished memories. Bright bergamot, fresh crushed pine needles, and snapped balsam branches mingle with cool juniper, spicy amber and rich cedarwood. One sniff of WILD BALSAM and you’ll know the Holidays are upon us.”  Plus the packaging is also v. chic.

A gluggle jug

Ok…I didn’t know what a gluggle jug was at first, but now I want like three of these.  This historical fish design was created in the late 1800s and, as you may have guessed, it creates a unique gurgling sound when poured from three quarters full.  It comes in 19 colors, and you can use this as a wine carafe, vase, utensil jar, or even just as decor.  So fun, right?!

The birthdate book

I bought one of these for myself last year and, OMG, what a cool thing to have.  One caveat: The Birthdate Book is made to order after you provide your birthdate, birth place and time of birth, so you’ll need to know this info for the hostess, of course.

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What’s your go-to hostess gift?  Comment below and let me know.


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