Gift Idea: Beautyzzz natural silk pillowcase

So Beautyzzz is the absolute perfect gift for your mom.  It’s luxurious, pampering and best of all, helps them relax after years of catering to you!  Ah, how I sound like my own mother right now.  What I didn’t know before trying out this all-natural silk pillowcase is that silk actually has the same pH level as your skin…crazy, right?  I recently raved about Beautyzzz on TheFairest’s blog, since it was especially helpful in getting me some extra sleep while I was sick and I’m still enjoying it now.  Why?  Unlike your cotton pillowcase, the amino acids in silk proteins resemble those found in human skin, creating a virtually perfect pH balance that doesn’t deplete hydrating moisture.  Beautyzzz is designed to work with your skin and hair to make your nighttime beauty routine more effective and it just feels amazing on your skin.  Get one for yourself and your mom.

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