Gift Idea: Clarins Gold Attraction Eye Quartet and Liner Palette

So when I saw Clarins limited edition Gold Attraction Eye Quartet and Liner Palette, I was instantly in love.  First off, the seasonal palette is inspired by Venice (only my favorite city in the whole world) and, as quoted by Clarins, “the light and sumptuous radiance of Venice: its beautiful golden palaces, their facades with subtle colours and patinas and the unique architecture that allows light to seep through the fine stonework.”  Um, couldn’t have said it better myself.

The gorgeous silvery pink can be used for eye base and the natural beige can be used for lids when a subtle look is desired.  OR, apply the pearly yellow gold with the deep golden brown shades and combine the dark chocolate eyeliner to intensify and illuminate your eyes.  Ah, I’m having flashbacks to Ponte Rialto as we speak.  And, since this particular palette is a limited edition, it makes a perfect gift for your old BFF from study abroad.

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