Glossier Product Reviews: I tried 3 Best-Sellers from the IG Famous Brand

Glossier Product Reviews

Because you can’t open Instagram and not see at least one Glossier product…

Where to even start, am I right?  When it comes to skincare and beauty products it’s hard to exclude products, and this post is a long time coming.  The pink packaging (or, er, millennial pink packaging, I should say) made this beauty brand stand out among beauty editors and consumers alike, not to mention the innovative marketing campaigns that they do (seriously, kudos on that alone).

For this post I independently selected just three of the popular Glossier products that sounded intriguing to me, but that’s not to say I’m not also curious about their Cloud Paint, Stretch Concealer, Boy Brow and Milky Jelly Cleanser…just want to make that clear.  I had to start somewhere and these three caught my eye for a myriad of reasons that I’ll talk about below 🙂

P.S. – I always get a lot of questions on IG when I wear the gold hoop earrings (pictured above). They’re the large Mia earrings from Eklexic and I LOVE THEM.

Glossier Product Reviews

Glossier Product Reviews

Glossier Lash Slick ($16)

First up is their v. popular mascara, Lash Slick.  The brand dubs this mascara “extensions without the extensions”  and “the perfect everyday black mascara” so I was excited to test it out.

Product description:

  • Curls and sculpts as it lengthens, creating a natural “baby extension” effect without clumping
  • Teeny-tiny fibers coat lashes from root to tip, while flexible film-forming polymers lift and lock each fiber into place
  • Water-resistant (not waterproof), so it washes off easily with warm water at the end of your day

How to use Glossier Lash Slick:

  • Comb the Lash Slick wand through your lashes from roots to tips.
  • Apply more than one coat (if you’re me and love bold lashes).

My thoughts:Ok so this is a fine mascara, for sure.  It definitely did lengthen my lashes and give them a darker tint…BUT, personally, I really love a mascara with a lot of OOMF, you know?  You’ve probably seen me rave about Too Faced Better Than Sex and It Cosmetics SuperHero mascara, and that’s because those mascaras give you a TON of pigment, a TON of volume and a TON of, well, oomf.  That said, I definitely think this could be a great “everyday black mascara” for someone who likes a more natural look, just like the brand said.

Glossier Lash Slick

You can definitely see the Lash Slick on my right eye and the difference between my left (no mascara) and right…but it’s not a huge difference IMO.

Glossier Product Reviews

Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash ($18)

I loooove an oil-based body wash so this skincare product was calling my name.  “Body wash goes luxe,” as they say, and it was inspired by oil cleansers for your face.

Product description:

  • An oil-based body cleanser.
  • Contains a seven-oil blend of ingredients that attract grime and sweat like a magnet, lifting it from your skin.
  • Turns frothy when it mixes with water, then washes away without drying out skin.
  • An orange blossom neroli blend gives a subtle, baby-fresh scent.

How to use Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash:

  • Apply to skin in the shower when wet.
  • Rub into skin.
  • Wash off thoroughly.

My thoughts:I realllly like this body wash and it’s especially great if you have dry skin.  The scent alone is enough to sell me but then you add in the sesame oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, etc. and you’ve really just got yourself a super high-quality body wash that also happens to smell good (that orange blossom neroli blend, you know it).  The wash also does, in fact, turn frothy when mixed with water and it really is just a nice product overall. Definitely recommend this one!

Glossier Futuredew

Glossier Futuredew ($24)

The newest of the three Glossier products I’m featuring in this post, this one is dubbed “an instant dewy glow that lasts.”

Product description:

  • A shortcut to the way your skin looks after a full skincare routine—dewy, glowing, cared-for—in one long-wearing product.
  • Nourishing oils (that don’t feel greasy) immediately give you a gleamy, well-moisturized look that lasts up to 12 hours.
  • Powerful plant-based extracts work to make your skin look brighter, instantly and over time.
  • Use it as the last step in your skincare routine after moisturizer, serums, and sunscreen.
  • Doesn’t interfere with makeup—just makes skin dewier.

How to use Glossier Futuredew:

  • Alone/no makeup: If you have perfect 100 skin then you can simply apply this oil serum hybrid after your SPF and wear nothing else on your skin.
  • Last step in your skincare routine (before makeup): Futuredew should be the last step in your skincare routine (yep, even after SPF) and can be layered under makeup since it also works as a primer.
  • Over makeup: You can also wear this stuff over your makeup; I would recommend using your fingers to apply it on cheekbones, cupid’s bow, under your brow, etc. for a little extra glimmer.

My thoughts:

While I definitely did feel fresh faced and glowy when I used this over my makeup, I didn’t think it worked well solo (I.e. alone just as the last step in my skincare regimen).  That said, I do have rosacea (red/flushed cheeks), so any dewiness that it provided was kind of overshadowed by my redness, and I also found myself feeling a little annoyed that I didn’t look as naturally dewed up as the models in their marketing materials, LOL.  I would 100% recommend this as a highlighter of sorts, but as far as “this all you need! No makeup necessary and you will GLOW”… NOPE on that part.

What are your thoughts on these products and Glossier products in general?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


Photos by Felicia LaSala

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