Go Vamp…No Wait…That Was 10 Years Ago

So I’m never one to scoff at trends (duh) but c’mon people…$58 for nail polish on ebay? Does it come with a shirt?! Yes, CHANEL Black Satin is fab and we all know I adore CHANEL and I love the whole cult classic nail polish thing that they somehow manage to pull off every 10 years or so (see Vamp back in the late 90’s) but I already think the retail value of CHANEL nail polish ($18) is a bit much…I happened to just buy the N.Y.C. “black lace creme” and I mean, it’s black nail polish. Nothing too complicated about that. Although, the N.Y.C. website says it retails for 99 cents and I definitely paid like $2.50- naturally, cause this is New York. Go figure…

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