Goals For 2014 (and beyond)

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I try to always set goals for myself and, admittedly, I often fail.  I blogged last year about my goals for 2013 and I mean…honestly, the list was CRAZY long, like unattainably long.  Sure, I’m glad I set the bar high for myself, and I DID actually complete  a good amount of my goals, but this year I want to be more streamlined with what I want to achieve.  Back in November I set four simple goals for myself to do before 2014 and I’m happy to say I was successful (mostly) in achieving them.  I think it makes sense to separate the action-item goals (e.g. learn how to surf) from the overarching, more general goals like “focus on the present.”  What are your action-item and overarching goals for 2014?  Here’s my much shorter, more attainable list.  Cheers to a productive year, kids.

action goals

Travel to at least 1 new country

Learn how to really surf

Get scuba certified

Grow something (literally anything) on my balcony

Skydive (for the 4th time!)

Ask out a stranger

Finish my book

Throw a dinner party and/or game night

overall goals

See my family in New York at least 4 times a year

Become fluent in Italian

Continue to grow my business and brand

Spend more time at the gym and/or being physically active (beach, biking, boxing, ballet, Runyon, etc.)

Focus on the PRESENT, not the past

Continue to be more open-minded

Use my rooftop more often (pool and jacuzzi, hello)

Get monthly massages

Floss and take my vitamins every day

5 thoughts on “Goals For 2014 (and beyond)

  1. Love these goals Jamie! I might have to steal all of them … well except the ask out a stranger (don’t think the husband would like that one too much) and visiting family in NY (since I don’t have any there). 🙂

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