Good Smelling Hair

Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist

Perfume: it’s not just for your body…

I discovered hair fragrance a few years back (this one is also a favorite) but I have to admit I don’t often use them.  It always just seemed more convenient to use actual perfume…you know, specifically for my body, but when I smelled the Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist in Creme Vanillee I decided it was time to bring the hair fragrance back.

This delicious mist, inspired by the scent of the Fekkai PrX Reparatives collection, has notes of vanilla and undertones of luscious cream (yum).  It gives hair a seductive touch of exotic, sweet scent and shine, while helping to prevent static- yes, bonus.

What do you guys think? Yay or nay to hair fragrance?


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