Good Weather, Good Pants?

So the weather in New York has been AMAZING the last few days so naturally, it’s scheduled to rain the entire weekend, of course. Well, I’ve been taking full advantage of the weather by wearing some new clothes and NEVER in my life have I gotten “hollered at” as many times as Tuesday. I can’t figure it out. I mean, I wasn’t dressed particularly hoe-like that day. And yes, it was the usual construction workers and Spanish men that call out to basically ALL women…but there was one particular cat call that got my attention- this cop and this other guy were sitting in a stoop and I had my ipod on while I walked by them (newsflash people: we CAN and DO hear you while we wear ipods) the cop goes to the other guy “man, that’s a nice ass.” It wasn’t said for me to hear, which was nice, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the extra attention I got is a result of these shoes from Target and these “editor cuffed crop” pants from Express. Have fun!

One thought on “Good Weather, Good Pants?

  1. god, those shoes are too cute.

    i wonder if they have targets in prague.

    i bet they do.

    should that make me happy cause i can get ’em, or sad cause it means that the communists were right about the western imperialists all along?

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