Got Freckles?


Aside from the super 90s dress, baby teeth falling out situation (that sorta makes me look like I had a Meth problem), the first thing I see when I look back at my second grade school photo is FRECKLES…

I’ve basically had freckles since birth…ok, that’s not actually true, but that’s certainly what it feels like.  Growing up, I never minded my freckles but, of course, there were moments when I wondered if they would ever stop multiplying like rabbits in heat.  The truth is, they sort of faded on my face a bit as I got older but then gradually started spreading onto my arms and chest, due to sun exposure, and that’s when I started to think about the struggles that us freckle-faced people have to DEAL with…shit ain’t easy, ok?

1. For starters, even WITH sunscreen, the freckles keep on coming…especially on my chest and arms and, as we all know, freckles = sun damage!!!

2. I read that Molly Ringwald, at age 12, tried to scrape the freckles off her nose with sandpaper.

3. I distinctly remember my elementary school friends asking me if they could play “connect the dots” on my face.

4. Lastly, this Buzzfeed list on 23 problems only people with freckles will understand.

As a bonus, there’s THIS. Topshop is coming out with a Freckle Pencil this month. So apparently freckles are cool now. Woo.

What do you guys think? Are freckles trending right now or what?

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