Grown Up And Cute Office Supplies

cute office supplies


1. Andy Warhol Philosophy Pencils: I rarely use pencils, but when I do, they need to be inspirational. Duh.

2. Hand Pen Holder: I love this hand for holding my Warhol pencils, AND, it’s also magnetic on the back so you can also hold paper clips.

3. OMG Sticky Notes: I’m definitely someone who needs to have little pieces of paper on my desk for those “brilliant” ideas that just pop into my head randomly.

4. Diptyque Roses Candle: Burning a relaxing candle while you work can make doing work just a little bit better.

5. Monogrammed Acrylic Business Card Holder: I haven’t bought this yet but it’s totally on my list.  I really love the idea of my initials being displayed nicely over my business cards.

6. Oh Snap Zig Zag Journal: A good notebook is essential for meetings and this one is super stylish, yet also functional and professional.

7. Cheetah Print Stapler: Do I even need to explain this one?  I mean. Best. Stapler. Ever.

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