Guest Post: Kenra Platinum Straightening Gelee

My friend/co-worker Melissa is definitely not your typical beauty girl, which is exactly why I wanted her to write a beauty product review on my blog.  I’m obsessed with her new super shiny, glossy locks…check out her thoughts below.  And side note, apparently this post is her face’s internet debut!

If you knew me in real life, you might be surprised to read this–a known Star Wars geek (wow, is that the first time anyone has said Star Wars on this blog???), {editor’s note: YES} book-worm, stranger to fashion and beauty n00b, I have no right reviewing a hair product such as the Kenra Platinum Straightening Gelee…but no matter how much I may pretend I don’t care about how I look, I so do. #confessions

While I usually try to politely dismiss Jamie’s beauty advice, which she generously shares with me over the cubicle wall, I find her knowledge is often valuable when it comes to my skincare and hair care. That’s why when she popped over the invisible threshold to my professional sanctuary with a large silver tube touting “align & shine!” I gratefully took the bottle and excitedly rushed home to find out what the hell a hair gelee is.

Curious? it’s awesome.

The directions are simple: apply evenly throughout damp hair and blow-dry straight in sections using a round brush. So nothing astray from my usual upkeep. What was drastically different, however, were the results. Not only was I met with a handful of compliments at my hair’s glassy shine, but my tresses managed to maintain their glossy finish through a foggy weekend in San Francisco–Best thing yet…NO FRIZZ!

If you have super-curly hair, like me, you are probably used to using multiple products to keep your frizz at bay–and you also know that a humid day can be the stuff of nightmares. I’ve resorted to hoods and hats, hairspray, or paste to keep the moisture-induced volume from transforming into medusa-esque serpentine strands—DON’T LOOK! After using this product, I didn’t require any of that. My hair glistened and stayed put. – Melissa Pardo


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