3 Beauty Products You 100% NEED In Your Gym Bag

yuni flash bath and fresh in a flash gym bag beauty products

Because you need these three items in your gym bag…

Since my back has been on the mend (again/finally), I’ve found myself driving home from a CruBox class super sweaty and, yeah, feeling kind of gross. Or, on the lighter side, I’ll take a tennis lesson and immediately notice my mascara has somehow run down my face.  Taking that to heart, I started testing some of the new “athleisure” beauty brands and line extensions which, funny enough, were just discussed in this recent WWD article and these are my definitive favorites…

fresh in a flash spray for gym bag beauty products

3 Beauty Products You 100% NEED In Your Gym Bag

Bath & Body Works Fresh In a Flash Body Refresher + Yoga Mat Mist

As you guys know, I love a multi-tasker and the fact that this body refresh spray also doubles as a mist to clean off your yoga mat just really sold me.  I also love the spray nozzle- super convenient for when you’re in a hurry to exit class.  The scent is light and the mist is alcohol-free and made of aloe, cucumber, vitamin E, tea tree oil and clary sage…all good stuff.

elf mascara gym bag beauty products

e.l.f. Active Sweat Resistant Mascara & Brow Duo

Like I mentioned above, even when I’m working out I do usually wear a little mascara just so I don’t feel naked.  This duo includes a long-lasting, waterproof mascara that won’t smear or smudge and a clear, sweat-resistant gel to comb and feather brows.  After my last tennis lesson I have to say- there were no smudges or clumps on my face and it was nice not having to worry about black lines all over my sweaty face.

yuni body cleanser gym bag beauty products

YUNI Flash Bath

And for those of you who do major cardio, this flash bath is gonna be your holy grail.  The lightweight, no-rinse cleansing foam purifies skin. It has a blend of antibacterial neem extract and cooling aloe vera so you can enjoy just-showered freshness that makes it one of the most essential as a gym bag beauty products. You can use it when there’s no time or place for a shower. I used this for the first time after a super intense CruBox class (applied it in my car) and it really did make me feel more refreshed. I was able to put my hoodie on and not feel like it was sticking to my body…that’s a win.


gym bag beauty products


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  1. Nice post! The content is really very informative. One should know the things which should be taken to the gym as gym is a place where we need to feel fresh. Thanks for sharing.

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