Hair Depression: It’s a Thing

Jamie Stone makeup

I was chatting with my friend Ashley the other night at an event and telling her about how, since moving to LOS ANGELES, I’ve had the best hair of my life.  It sound ridiculous, but my HAIR completely effects my mood- e.g. if it was raining and humid while I lived in NEW YORK CITY, I sometimes opted to not go out.  Believe me, I know how insane this sounds…”Is Jamie saying she actually wouldn’t leave her apartment when the weather was shitty?”  The answer is yes, yes I did that.  Let me step back a bit and explain…my hair, it’s naturally wavy and frizzy.  I don’t have a lot of hair, but the hair that I do have is very textured and gets huge at even the slightest sign of moisture in the air, which ultimately blows if you live on the east coast.  Los Angeles’ dry climate has been an absolute god-send for me and now that I’m taking a break from my hair extensions, I’ve recently been feeling a little bit drab in the hair department.  I’m thinking about spicing it up a bit but I’m not sure what yet…possibly cutting off some inches or maybe going a little lighter (again)?  We will see.  All I know is, I recently thought about a run-in I had with a guy I knew from high school while still living in New York:

Me: Hey “guy”

“Guy”: Hey Jamie…nice hair. Bahahaha.

I’ll admit it, the weather was AWFUL that day; my hair was super poufy and the pieces around my face were curling in every direction imaginable, as they do.  It was spring time, pouring rain, and like 65 degrees, which makes for the wettest weather possible.  I get it.  We always had the kind of relationship where we gave each other shit but apparently he never learned that there are two things you don’t use as ammo against a girl: her weight and HER HAIR.  Needless to say, my hair and I are MUCH HAPPIER now…the only time I get any kind of frizz is when I’m near the beach for too long.

So yeah…a change is coming but, in the mean time, my hair and I will be enjoying the desert climate here in California.  And to clarify, the photo in this post is WITH EXTENSIONS. Sad face. I miss them already.

Do you guys feel the same way? Does bad weather give you hair depression?

photo credit: Kristen Turner

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