Hair Extensions: Round Two!

before                                                        after

You probably read my posts last spring/summer on my first experience with HairDreams hair extensions and guys, I had to have them back.  I’ve never had a problem growing out my hair, in fact, my hair grows too fast (hello roots), but I’m cursed with baby fine locks that can fit between my thumb and pointer finger when pulled together.   The thing that people still don’t know about hair extensions is that they are actually amazing for volume and fullness. I have dreams of big, Vicotoria’s Secret model hair (who doesn’t) and even though that’s not actually very realistic for me (it would look incredibly fake), the extensions give me a ton of extra thickness that makes me less self conscious and also makes my hair look way better when styled.

This time around, I went to a HairDreams hair extensions artist, who lives in Venice, and she was a-mazing.  She used their LaserbeamerXP to apply the extesnions, which is a hi-tech laser bonding application system excusively used with HairDreams patented Comfort Point Bondings.  It was a little weird at first because you hear this weird laser (duh) noise and feel it moving your hair around…but the extensions went on SO fast and NONE have fallen out so far…it’s been about a month now.

While I didn’t have any issue with the hand application from hair extensions round 1, the LaserbeamerXP bonds up to eight sectional strands at a time and takes 50% less time than hand application…so it’s good for a girl on the go.

My extensions will last for about 5-ish months so stay tuned for another update next month after I go back for an “extension check up.”

LaserbeamerXP application for HairDreams


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