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It’s all about the hand details…

I like to think that I’m daring when it comes to my nails but, in all honesty, if I even HAVE nail polish on my nails with no chips, it’s a good day for me.  Lately I’ve had a few favorites in my rotation and let’s not forget to mention a new favorite bracelet…

Jenna Hipp All About You// Both of these Jenna Hipp nail polishes are part of a 12-piece set that’s sold at Costco for, get this, a whopping $15.  Good price aside, I love this metallic shade.

Jenna Hipp By Invitation Only// White nails are kind of the “it” thing right now and, like I said above, I’m into the white version from this super affordable and still awesome set.

Essie Dressed To Kilt// I’m big into red nail polish; It’s a classic color that’s simple, yet still feminine and easy.

Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream// A good teal nail polish is surprisingly hard to find (seriously) but this version makes me feel like a 31-year-old Ariel.

Eklexlic Crystals and Cuffs Bracelet// This is pretty much as cheesy as it gets but, for one reason or another, I feel extra fancy after putting on a new nail polish shade and this new bracelet just adds a little sparkle.  I love the mix of Swarovski crystals with the edgy handcuff clasps…it’s uptown meets downtown and I’m super into it.


Wearing Essie Dressed to Kilt and Eklexic Crystals and Cuffs Bracelet



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