Harajuku Lovers announces the launch of Sunshine Cuties

So I’ve written many, many posts on Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku Lovers perfume line and it honestly keeps getting better and better.  Harajuku Lovers just announced the new launch of Sunshine Cuties – a new limited edition line extension of summer scents, hitting stores in February 2010!  They’ve changed up their outfits, tanned (I assume faux tan) the girls up and changed up the fragrances a bit based on each girl’s personality.  Can. not. wait. for February.

4 thoughts on “Harajuku Lovers announces the launch of Sunshine Cuties

  1. Wow! (:
    I Love Them!!! But not just One, All of them!!! So adorable!!! And those outfitss!! WOW!!
    I Want Them All!!!
    With the “Snow Bunies” I only like “LOVE”.
    I have got Love, G and Baby of the ‘normal colletion’.
    LOVE THEM!!! <3

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