Shopping for beauty at Harmon Face Values


Because shopping for beauty products can be an awesome experience (no, seriously)…


When I first heard that Harmon Face Values was opening in Pasadena, California (fairly close to me), I was ELATED. I’ve heard that the Bed Bath & Beyond-owned beauty store was pretty much THE mecca of all things beauty, and I’m all about a one-stop kind of shop…mostly because I hate having to find parking at every store I go to. I mean…you get that, right? If I find a store where I can literally everything that I need for beauty stuff, I’m one happy camper.  The 6,421 square-foot store features a HUGE selection of beauty, health and personal care items with over 20,000 items!


My first stop? ALLLL the new OPI nail polish colors.  I actually just went to an OPI event the other day and I’m really feeling their colors lately.


I also got way too excited when I saw my all-time favorite tweezers. Obviously I didn’t buy them since I already own them but if you’re in the market for the best tweezers ever, these are amazing.


Next up was an immediate bee-line to the Maybelline section. I don’t know what’s UP with Maybelline but they’ve been KILLING IT with their new products for spring. So fab.


Review coming soon on the new Maybelline Velvet foundation (above) and Velvet Matte lip gloss (below). SO GOOD, right?!

ATP-033116-HARMON-19 ATP-033116-HARMON-21

Since Harmon Face Values has really good prices (seriously, I noticed most of the items were a few dollars cheaper than I usually pay at similar stores), I decided to stock up on the everyday essentials like Q-Tips, cotton pads, eye makeup remover, etc. They definitely had everything that I use, which was fab.


Obligatory mirror shot. Sorry, couldn’t help it…the LIGHTING was just on-point.


And then I found my true mecca…the sunscreen aisle. #paleAF


Truthfully, I’m always pretty stocked up on SPF but I grabbed one of my favorites, AVEENO Protect + Hydrate Sunscreen SPF 70, since I burned through a LOT of my stock when I was in Australia for 16 days (post coming on that soon, I promise!)


When I found the travel-size section, my face definitely dropped. I feel 100% confident in saying that Harmon Face Values has THE BIGGEST travel-size beauty product selection that I’ve seen. Ever.  My photographer and I were dying over all the high-end products in mini sizes and I had a hard time choosing what I was actually going to buy. I ended up settling on this mini version of one of my favorite heat protectant sprays from CHI.


Another thing that really made Harmon Face Values stand out to me is how they ORGANIZE everything.  I saw Women’s ROGAINE (I’m a brand spokesperson!) and was really impressed that right next to it you can find other products for women with thinning or thin hair.  Right above it is Viviscal and Biotin supplements, and right below it they have Toppik (which I love, btw), that makes your hair look fuller.  It’s all about the convenience and, hey, if you’re looking for one thing it’s also a great way to see what other complimentary items are available.


Annnd, of course, they also have the fancy hair care brands like Kerastase, Redken and Pureology. Yes, please.


Shopping for a new brush since I’ve been using the same one for probably a decade. Ha!


Lastly, I was pumped to see SebaMed, a new brand I was recently introduced to. Full disclosure, I’m now doing their social media and I’ve been LOVING their products – they’re all designed for people with sensitive skin or skin issues like rosacea (me!), psoriasis, etc.


Thank you to Harmon Face Values for partnering on this post! 

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  1. I lived in NY several years ago and shopped at your new Rochelle NY store. Your “face brand” tooth brush was terrific. It was the large brush head and it was totally straight. It was the only one of its kind and there is no one like it. I am so desperate to get more of these. All the ones now the brushes are small and different heights and shapes. Please let me know if you have any. My phone number is 843-357-0092. In South Carolina. Thank you so very much.

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