Hello New York, you’re still really humid

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Ohhhh, NEW YORK, how I love you so…except for your god AWFUL humidity that quite honestly murders my hair.

Being a native (e.g. born-and-effing-raised New Yorker), you put up with the humidity because, honestly, this city is just so FABULOUS that it’s just WHAT YOU DO.  You deal. You get over it.  I distinctly remember so many “going out” night in my early twenties where I would spend close to a full hour styling my hair, only to walk outside and face defeat about 2 minutes later.

 The struggle is real…but, if you follow me on Instagram, then you know I’m in New York right now for a family party/to see my friends.  You guys, my Aunt and Uncle are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with a big, blow out party in the Hamptons.  Hamptons party aside, I find myself stuck on the notion of being married to one person (happily) for 50 whole years.  Thinking out loud, I don’t know anyone else in my life who has been married that long and I’m super excited that I got to come home to celebrate their pretty outstanding accomplishment.

5oth anniversaries aside, let’s get down to what’s vital in my life (and yours): THE HAIR sitch.

I came prepared this trip and, so far, I’m into my proactive anti-humidity/anti-frizz New York hair routine.  Here’s what I brought along for the ride:

OGX Kukui Oil Shampoo// Personally, I find that fighting humidity starts with using the right shampoo and I was pretty pumped to try this OGX product once I found out it has an exotic blend of kukui nut oil, which is an ancient Hawaiian secret used for its humidity resistant abilities.  SOLD.

Philip Kingsley Preen Cream// Next you want a product that’s gonna give you a light hold, which will also prevent the frizz from even springing up.  This version from Philip Kingsley seals my hair really well and has a unique combination of vitamins, antioxidants and conditioning agents that moisturize every strand and reduces the appearance of dry ends without weighing my hair down.

AVEDA Pure Abundance Hair Potion// I’ve been using this product for years so I knew this would be the perfect ending to my anti-frizz cocktail.  The powder formula turns into a light liquid once you rub it in between your hands and, once you apply it to your roots, it gives instant lift and thickness, with no frizz, obviously.

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