Here’s Why Marshmallow Is Actually Awesome For Your Skin

Because marshmallow isn’t just great in s’mores and hot chocolate…

Ok so no one is putting grocery store marshmallows into your beauty products or anything but, that said, marshmallow root extract is gaining a ton of popularity.  The roots of the marshmallow plant have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries and have also been found to contain a myriad of ingredients that help promote skin health, in particular.  It’s especially good for sensitive skin since traditionally the root is great to relive inflammation and soothe the skin!

Here’s Why Marshmallow Is Actually Awesome For Your Skin

Here are a few of my marshmallow root extract-boosted skincare products…

skincare marshmallow actually awesome skin

Farmhouse Fresh Marshmallow Melt All-Purpose Shea Butter Balm

I love a good all-purpose balm and this one is chock full of shea, cocoa and mango butters that help with everything from dry lips, chapped hands, knees and knuckles.  The Farmhouse Fresh team even puts this stuff on their outer area before bed time (it also has vitamins A and E), creating a deep moisturizing sleep shield.  “You will wake fully hydrated, seeing fewer wrinkles and loving your well-rested look!”

skincare marshmallow actually awesome skin  from bath and body works

Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Melt Amazing Body Cream

Ugh, this stuff sold out SUPER fast so, sadly, it’s no longer available. I did find the Body Oil though- it’s the same scent!

found calming face serum

Found Marshmallow Calming Face Serum

Like I mentioned above, marshmallow root extract is great for inflammation and calming redness and irritation, hence why Found Beauty created this face calming serum.  This redness-reducing serum soothes and comforts your face using the marshmallow and licorice root to help calm redness and irritation, while comfrey replenishes essential moisture.  It’s also fragrance-free, in the case your skin can’t handle any scents.

demeter fragrance

Demeter Fragrance Marshmallow Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray

Demeter really did capture the essence of marshmallow with their cologne spray; interestingly enough, marshmallow candy dates back to ancient Egypt. It was a honey-based candy flavored and thickened with the sap of the root of the Marshmallow plant (althea officinalis)!  The scent is light but sweet- definitely love it.


Photos by Michelle Kyle Photography

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