Here’s what you should do now for thinning hair (+ a giveaway!)

what you should do now for thinning hair

Because early action is a big-time factor…

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Here’s what you should do now for thinning hair

If you’ve been a long-time blog reader then you know I’ve been documenting my issues with thinning hair over the years. Personally, I was lucky enough to have a doctor recommend that I try Women’s ROGAINE way back when I noticed that my hair was getting thinner at the top of my head. And, let me tell you, the fact that I started early has made a world of difference. In fact, I’ve had a few people email me and ask if they should wait “until it gets really thin” and the answer is always absolutely not.

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what you should do now for thinning hair | women's rogaine review

So, because I get so many questions about “when to start,” I put together this quick rundown on what to do as soon as you notice hair thinning:

1-) See your doctor.

Hair loss can be caused by many factors and if yours is caused by some kind of hormonal imbalance, it might be a matter of looking into supplemental options. Getting blood work done was key in my journey because I found out that I’m slightly low in iron. My doctor told me to start immediately taking an 18mg a day iron supplement, and increase my protein in addition to starting with Women’s ROGAINE.

2-) Step up your scalp game.

I wrote a post recently about how scalp exfoliation is the crucial step missing from your hair care regimen and, let me tell you, I wasn’t lying. So think about it. If you’ve got build up on your scalp, how can healthy hair grow out of it?

3-) Start using Women’s ROGAINE ASAP.

Like I said, you want to check with your doctor to eliminate other hair loss/thinning causes. But once you get back your bloodwork, it’s time to get going with your regrowth journey. In addition, I think that similar to many things in life, there really is no time like the present. And truth be told, Women’s ROGAINE actually works better when you get to the core of your problem as soon as you notice it. What I love most about the product is that it’s formulated with 5% minoxidil, the only topical ingredient that’s FDA-approved to regrow hair. AND it’s also clinically proven to regrow up to 25% more hair in three months. Not too bad, right? Three months of dedication to get your fullest hair possible.

what you should do now for thinning hair | women's rogaine review

“Progress = happiness” – Tony Robbins

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women's rogaine review
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  1. Yes put more drugs on, whoops IN, your body. Since your blog is called ‘HonestlyJamie’ could you maybe be honest about the effects of all these toxins we slather on our bodies (particularly women) and inject into the environment every day? Do you ever consider consequences of what you apply or ingest? And I don’t mean narcissistic consequences. I mean consequences with regards to environmental impact from sourcing to processing to disposing of.

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