Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Lips

beauty gifts

I’ve covered quite a bit of holiday beauty gifts already (here, here and here) but I couldn’t resist these, especially selected for the LIPS.  Maybe it’s because I had a lip treatment at Bliss Spa today (ok, that’s probably what it is), but I’ve gotta tell you…my lips are feeling fresh and sexy as ever right now and I’m inspired.  Here are my top lip gifts to give:

1.Bliss Fabulips ‘pout’-o-matic// It looks like an electric toothbrush at first glance but it’s waaaay gentle on your lips, yet still does the exfoliating job.  This is definitely going to be my new favorite thing for 2014.

2. Fresh Sugar Baby// Fresh’s Sugar Rose lipstick is a classic so it’s not really a surprise that they put together this great three-piece gift set.

3. LUSH Christmas Kisses// The name pretty much says it all: it’s a Christmas-themed set of lip goodness including a scrub, lip tint and awesome breath mints.

4. eos Smooth Lip Balm Sphere Holiday Ornament// These little eos lip balms are pretty popular…one, because they’re cute and fun to use and two, because they actually really do hydrate.  I love the idea of this fun sphere holiday ornament.

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