Holiday Gift Guide: The Perfect Hostess Gifts

Holiday parties can always bring a lot of pressure…what to wear, what to eat (or not eat) and what to bring as a sentimental thank you to the host of the evening.  Guys, I’ve been to a LOT of parties, and these three options are absolutely the BEST gifts any hostess could receive.

Vosges Dark Chocoate Truffle Collection : I discovered Vosges chocolate while working at a PR agency in NYC that always gifted editors with the special amazingness that IS their chocolate.  I adore this gift set because, let’s face it, 9 pieces is just the right amount.  It won’t make you gain 5lbs. but it’s still enough to curb your craving.  Plus, all of their chocolates are exotic and not your basic milk variety.

LATHER 12 Soaps-a-Sudsing: Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with 12 different (amazing) soap fragrances.  Like I’ve said before, I’m not a huge fan of bar soap but these are one of the few exceptions to my rule.  I’m loving the versatility and especially into the “wild mint” soap.

Diptyque Boxed Set of Mini Candles: I bought this mini set for myself back in New York (pre-recession) when I decided that I basically needed to love Diptyque candles.  Truth be told, I was right…and this mini collection is the absolute perfect way to introduce a newbie to the line since these are pretty much the best scents, according to me anyway.  It may appear pricey but these candles LAST, people.  Totally worth it.

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