How I prevent blisters


Because my days of blistered, ripped up feet are dunzo…


When my friend Dana and I had drinks a few months back and she told me she was working on creating a first-to-market blister prevention spray, well, let’s just say I was pretty pumped. For years I’ve avoided wearing certain heels (and even flats, sandals, etc.) that I love because I know they will inevitably leave me with blisters and cuts. NOPE. I’d rather wear comfortable shoes, thanks.  I obviously knew that Dana’s product PREHEELS was gonna be awesome (she worked on the product formula for YEARS), but once I tested it out, I knew it was true.

The real test was using it before wearing a brand new pair of heels because, really, what better test is there? I’m obsessed with these green heels from JustFab, by the way.


The aerosolized PREHEELS formula dries on the skin, forming a strong polymeric coating which serves as an invisible, anti-friction barrier between your foot and shoe to block any rubbing (i.e. what causes blisters to form).

The Final Verdict:

I wore these heels for about five hours and ZERO blisters or cuts formed. It’s actually super exciting because I used to buy those blister band-aids that always inevitably end up falling off, which is GROSS. And you can also use this spray with other types of shoes like sneakers or even flip flops. Personally, I’ve had a few pairs of flip flops that legit CUT UP the skin between my toes so this would be key at preventing that. Bonus: PREHEELS donates 5% of profits to cancer research.




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