How I’m getting less wrinkles while I sleep

Back-to-sleep pillow

Because I’m anti-wrinkles and love a good night’s sleep…

Back-to-sleep pillow

When I first heard about the Back-to-Sleep Pillow I was interested for two reasons:

One, because I’ve had some neck issues since my early twenties and I’ve actually been sleeping with a contoured pillow (similar to the shape of this one) since that time in order to prevent neck spasms.

Two, because I obviously want to prevent as MANY wrinkles as possible from forming on my face and chest now that I’m in my thirties and aging is actually a thing.

So how does it work?  The contoured Cool-Flow memory foam pillow, which feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud by the way, has a head-shaped whole cut out in the middle (see pic above) and said whole actually makes it so that you sleep on your BACK, as opposed to your side, which is what causes facial wrinkles to form.  The Back-to-Sleep Pillow was designed to cradle the back of your head to promote healthy back sleeping, alleviating the creases and allowing gravity to smooth the skin naturally.

Now I just started using this pillow about a week ago but testers have said that after a few weeks of getting used to back sleeping, they noticed that they fell asleep FASTER than ever before and felt like they also had better quality sleep with less tossing and turning.  So if you’re like me and have a hard time getting quality sleep, this might actually help. I’m excited to see if I get better sleep after I try this out for a month or two!

Scroll to the bottom for a discount code, btw…

Back-to-sleep pillow

The Back-to-Sleep pillow is made with Cool Flow memory foam, a special foam that works with the unique ventilation holes help to keep the pillow cool throughout the night.  No need to flip your pillow to find the “cool” spot, like I usually have to do.

back-to-sleep pillow - Honestly Jamie 2

It’s apparently also Gemma-approved.

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