How Often Do You REALLY Have to Clean Your Beauty Blender?

Clean Your Beauty Blender

Because you can’t let any bacteria or mold grow in your makeup brushes…

Hi Jamie,

I’ve been having a debate with my friends…how often do you really need to clean your beauty blender brushes? Am I gross? haha. Also, love the podcast!



Hi D!

That’s a legit question.  Since the sponge is super absorbent, you DO need to wash and clean your Beauty Blender more often than you do your regular makeup brushes.  They technically say “wash after every use” but I typically do every other day and haven’t had any issues.  That said, if your skin is super sensitive to break outs I would definitely give the blender a quick wash after every use just cause you don’t want to cause extra pimples, you know?

You can just give it a quick rinse using one of the brand’s cleansers (images below); personally, I like the solid cleanser but they’re all good.  A quick drop or swipe of cleanser and then you just run it under water until the water goes clear. Done.

Just remember that they’re only meant to last about three months.



P.S. – Watch my video where I talk about the Beauty Blender versus the silicone sponge


Photo by Felicia LaSala

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