How To Conceal Dark Under-Eye Circles


Because we’ve all got ’em, so you should learn how to hid ’em…

A few weeks back I met up with the amazing Stephen Dimmick to discuss a few of his best tricks to beat those dreaded dark, under-eye circles (for The Glitter Guide) that we always seem to get at the WORST possible time.  Am I wrong here?  They always seem to pop up right before a big event, or when you go somewhere and definitely didn’t bring any concealer with you.  Well I put together some of Stephen’s best tricks to beat those circles…

Don’t mistake under-eye bags for dark circles:
Dark circles and under-eye bags are two different things! Bags will come out in bad lighting, whereas darkness is there no matter how good the lighting is. So, always make sure you apply your concealer in good, even light.


Don’t forget the small spots:
One of the most important (and most forgotten) areas to conceal is at the side between the tear duct area of the eye and the side of the nose. If you concentrate on this area, you’ll be surprised by how much your entire face will brighten up.

Tap, tap, tap:
“I find that most people don’t really need concealer all the way under their eye,” says Dimmick. “Usually, you just need to focus on the first third in the center and the outer corner, and make sure you blend by tapping your concealer on, not rubbing. Tapping ensures that you keep the product in place, whereas rubbing usually takes it off.”

To find out the last step, head over to TheGlitterGuide.com 🙂

Photos by Sylvia G.

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