How To De-Puff Your Eyes With Stuff You Have At Home

how to de-puff your eyes

Lately I’ve been the puffiest monster on the FACE OF THE EARTH, and I hate it. Ok, so maybe I’m not the puffiest person on the entire planet but, nonetheless, it’s pretty uncomfortable…

After some extensive research and testing, these five at-home remedies seem to work best. Here are a few of my tricks to get rid of those bags:

Aloe Vera: There’s this aloe vera gel especially for your eyes, but you can apply regular old aloe vera under your eyes as well.  Since aloe vera gel is cold and soothing (and also anti-inflammatory, btw), you can keep a bottle in your fridge for maximum effect.

Cucumber: Everyone knows the cliche “ugh, I’m so stressed I’m laying in bed with cucumber slices on my eyes” scenario but it actually DOES work.  The veggie has natural astringent properties that help to constrict blood vessels and the cooling sensation will help to de-puff and de-bag.

Potatoes: I try not to keep potatoes around, mostly because I will eat ALL of them, but if you don’t have any cucumber, potatoes will also do the trick.  Potato starch acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to ease irritated eyes.  Peel one potato, then wash and dry it. Grate the potato as fine as possible, then instead of frying it up with butter, place the pulp in a clean cloth and fold to make a poultice. Place the poultice on your eyelids for 15 minutes.

A Cold Spoon: I don’t know why but this trick literally JUST occurred to me, duh.  Leave a clean teaspoon in your fridge or even freezer and then simply press them against your eyes for a few minutes every morning. Done deal.

Tea Bags: Green tea is my favorite for this trick but really any type of tea will do.  You want to let the tea bags cool (obviously) before placing them on your eyes for about three minutes.  The natural caffeine in the tea will immediately help constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling.


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