How to fix a cowlick


Because I wrote ALL about it for TODAY.com…

Truth be told, I wrote a very important piece yesterday for TODAY.com…it’s all about how to fix our cowlick.  Ladies, if you suffer from the dreaded cowlick like I do, then you FEEL my pain. There is nothing more annoying than that moment when your hair is looking fab…then 10 minutes go by (and humidity occurs), and all goes to sh*t.  These tips are my absolute GO-TO to get rid of that crappy cowlick.  You’re welcome.  For the FULL story, visit TODAY.com.


This is me doing a little DIY cowlick blow out…pullllll that hair down and all over to confuse the hair.


Use a round brush to lightly pull/confuse the hair shaft.


These clips from Ricky’s NYC are amazing because they don’t leave a crease!


Cowlick-free and LOVING LIFE.

For the FULL story, visit TODAY.com

photos by Azusa Takano

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