how to get dark nail polish off your nails!

nail polish tips

I will never forget the moment when a guy said to me “what are you goth now?  Why are you wearing black nail polish?”

The answer?  It was 2006…and CHANEL “black satin” was all the rage.  I mean, sure, mine was totally the Wet n’ Wild version (cause I’m cheap and lazy) but still…black nails were SO HAUTE that he didn’t even know it.  The problem is this: when you wear black (or really any dark nail polish color) it gets stuck in the corners of your nails.  For real.  I thought it was just me, cause I’m sloppy, but turns out…it’s everyone.  Here’s a trick that I recently picked up from a manicurist:

Use an old makeup brush, dipped in nail polish remover, to scrub off the remnants of your dark polish!  I’m liking Stila Double Ended Smudge Brush #28 since you get TWO choices: one is flat and short, and the other is long and thin…making it easy to get into every nook and dark polish cranny.

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