How to make an easy DIY Christmas candy jar

Because I love a good Christmas DIY project…

I went thrifting on Black Friday and ended up at one of the best spots in LA, BTS Thrift. Real talk – their prices are definitely on the higher side, BUT they were having a huge Black Friday sale (50% off the entire store!). Plus, I also love that all proceeds from BTS Thrift go towards supporting people in recovery from drug addiction.

Anywho, I ended up finding the above little vintage cookie jar for $8 ($4 at the sale price) and immediately knew that I wanted to give it a paint makeover and make it Christmas themed.

Here’s how YOU can make one…

Vintage candy jar houses:

If you can’t find one at your local thrift, I found a few great options on eBay…



  • Thoroughly clean the candy jar with soap and warm water
  • Apply paint wherever you like
  • Once paint is dry, apply one to two layers of Mod Podge so create a glossy finish
  • Fill with candy, cookies, etc. and enjoy

What do you guys think? Will you make one?


4 thoughts on “How to make an easy DIY Christmas candy jar

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  2. Thank you for sharing the joy of the season with your delightful DIY Christmas Candy Jar tutorial! 🎄🍬 Your step-by-step guide makes it so easy for anyone to create a festive and personalized holiday treat. The creativity and attention to detail in your project are truly inspiring. This is not just a jar; it’s a sweet masterpiece that brings the spirit of Christmas to life. Wishing you a season filled with warmth, joy, and lots of sweet moments!

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