My holiday decor!

Because I finally decided to decorate this year…

My faux mantle

Faux Christmas garland

Since I don’t have an actual fireplace, I made my TV cabinet my faux “mantle.” I found this 9-foot faux Christmas garland (with lights!) on Amazon and I absolutely LOVE it. The quality is amazing and it runs on batteries, which is great since I don’t have an accessible outlet.

My DIY Christmas candy house jar

I posted this DIY a few days ago and, my god, I just love it so much! All the info (and similar vintage houses) can be found in my blog post here.

Vintage brass reindeer candlestick holders

I fell in love when I saw these on eBay; they’re just so cute and I love that you can take off the Christmas ribbon and use them year-round.

I found a few exact matches: here, here, here, here, and here.


Custom Christmas stockings

I got these stockings maybe 9/10 years ago on Etsy and I just love them! I can’t seem to find the exact seller that I got these from, but I found a seller here who has very similar fabrics and styles.

Memorial heart ornament

This was a new addition and it really is just the best if you’ve lost someone. The holidays can be a really tough time when you’re grieving, and I enlisted this Etsy shop to make a custom heart ornament using two of my late sister’s shirts and her handwriting. You just send them the shirts and a jpeg or PDF of the person’s handwriting (I used a birthday card that she gave me) and they make a beautiful memorial ornament.

Coffee table

Faux greenery

I ordered this greenery last year from Michael’s and, my god, the drama lol. Long story short- If you’re going to shop for this kind of item from a store like Michael’s, I definitely recommend buying IN STORE versus their website to avoid any drama (and them trying to charge you for a return when THEY send you the wrong item). That said, I do love this greenery.

Here are two great options from Amazon: here and here

A Christmas tree-scented candle

I just love everything that Phlur makes, and this Wild Balsam candle is no exception. It REALLY DOES smell like a Christmas tree.

Candle notes:

Top: Fresh Bergamot, Green Pine Needle, Silver Fir
Heart: Wild Balsam, Fresh Juniper, Amber, Rosemary
Base: White Birch, Cedarwood, Musk

A vintage Santa trinket dish

My mom gave me this little dish a few years ago from her collection; it’s actually a vintage spoon rest, but I love it on my coffee table next to my Phlur candle.

A few exact eBay matches: here, here, here, here, here, and here


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