How to wash your face when your face physically HURTS

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Because I got my last wisdom tooth out on Monday and, my GOD, the pain…

This isn’t technically a Reader Question, like my usual Friday post series would go, but after almost a full week of being in complete and utter facial pain, I had to write this post.  If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw this post explaining how I got my fourth wisdom tooth out.  Long story short, I had the other three pulled back when I lived in New York and the dentist told me to leave the fourth one because it wasn’t actually hurting me AND it just so happened to be sitting on a nerve ending.  If he accidentally damaged the nerve, I could lose the feeling in my lip and jaw…FUN TIMES, right?  So I left it.  Fast forward to present-day, where that pesky little tooth decided to start pushing into my Invisalign-perect bottom teeth and my new oral surgeon recommended we take it out before it starts becoming a real issue (e.g. gets infected or breaks through my gums).  He DID tell me that this was going to a “challenging” (his word, not mine) removal since the tooth had three roots, which is apparently rare, and was still straddling the nerve in my jaw.  He predicted I’d be 100% back to normal by Wednesay…and that’s STILL not even close to happening.  Guys, this is seriously the most painful procedure I’ve ever had done, and I’ve had a nose job.

After three days of literally not even touching my face, it started to feel gross and scaly so I decided to take three Tylenol Extra Strength and finally wash my effing face.  The result?  ALL GOOD, which made me think my little hack might help others who have oral surgery or, hell, are maybe just plain old lazy.

Here’s how I washed my face with out really touching it…

Exfoliate with pads.

I wrote about the Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine in this post a few weeks ago and I knew I needed to do some minor exfoliation (e.g. just enough to get the “scales” off my face). What’s great about this wine-enahnaced version, aside from having WINE in it, of course, is that the pads actually have little pockets that you slip your fingers into, which makes it easy to control how much pressure you’re applying to your face.  The bad news? These babies are STILL sold out on the site so here are a few other exfoliating pads that I love:

Cleanse with wipes.

Second, you don’t want to actually have to put your face down by the sink and use both hands to wash after you do your minor exfoliating cause it will 100% HURT.  I used one of my favorite makeup removing wipes, Neutrogena Night Calming Makeup Removing Cleansing Towelettes, to VERY GENTLY wipe off any residue from the exfoliating pads.

Moisturize with a good serum.

A serum is usually lighter than a moisturizer, hence it requires less pressure to apply to your face.  The idea of having to rub in one of my usual moisturizers wasn’t happening, so I used one of my favorite serums that I KNOW is very hydrating (e.g. doesn’t always need a moisturizer over it). The one I used is Kate Somerville Age Arrest Anti-Wrinkle Serum but here are a few other versions that also feel very hydrating to the skin.


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