How to wash your face with carbonated water


Because it’s all the rage in Japan and Korea…

I read about this whole “wash your face with carbonated water” trend on The Coveteur a few weeks ago and decided that I had to try it.  For starters, it seemed kind of fish to me and I ended up interviewing two experts for my actual story, featured on TODAY.com, so make sure to check that out for the full story.


Can you tell I’m a little nervous about this?! Ha. I’m mostly nervous because, as you guys know, I have sensitive skin and was a little worried the carbonation might irritate me. It ended up being fine- don’t worry 🙂


The first dunk!  Truth be told, I got a little unlucky during the first dunk because bubbles ended up going DIRECTLY up my nose and I had the sniffles for the next half hour.  The second dunk was a total success.


A little tip: If you aren’t into the whole idea of dunking your face into a bowl, you can always dip a cleansing sponge into the 1:1 ratio mix (full instructions on TODAY.com) and wash your face that way.  It might be the better option if, like me, you don’t want to have to wash a giant bowl every day.

For the full story, including what experts think about this trend, check me out on TODAY.com!


Photos by Azusa Takano

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