Hudson Jeans VIP Party

So my friend’s Jessie and Dina invited me to a fabulous LA party on behalf of their client, Hudson Jeans, at the newly opened The Colony.  I was super excited to attend this event for the following reasons- 1-) I haven’t seen Jessie and Dina since I left NY 2-) Hudson Jeans are awesome and 3-) I’d been dying to check out The Colony, since it’s “Hamptons-inspired.”  Sydne and I, as usual, were twinsies with our matching studded Matt & Nat bags, naturally.  The party was really fun and I even got to bring my friend Kelley, who had been hibernating in her apartment for the last few months due to some very exciting news!  As a side note, I need to have someone start reminding me that I really should slap on some self-tanner to my legs before going to these events…any takers?

Kinya, Sydne, me, Kelley


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