I tried a tomato face mask…


Because I’ve always had a “thing” for tomatoes…

My obsession with face masks (and really, masks in general) could now be considered a full-fledged addiction since I’m now matching masks to food that I love…ahem, tomatoes.  The TonyMoly I’m Real Tomato Mask Sheet didn’t disappoint and, if we’re being honest here, my skin definitely DID feel more “radiant.”

Basically the mask is infused with tomato fruit extract, which is said to boost radiance, smooth, and moisturize the skin.  I WAS a little bit nervous about having that much tomato extract on my face but I’m happy to report back that I did NOT smell like a giant salad once I was done.  My skin was, in deed, “radiant” and felt really moisturized and fresh.



Photos by Azusa Takano

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