Ice, Ice Baby

So my roommate C, a sweet girl she is, has this little, tiny, ridiculously odd habit— chewing ice cubes. At first, I thought “hey, that’s kinda quirky and cute” and NOW I want to throw myself off the fire escape (aka- the balcony) at the first sign of ice coming out of the freezer. It’s bad enough that we have to keep four, yes count them- FOUR ice cube trays full at all times in our tiny freezer AND a bowl of readily available ice cubes…and now the sound of ice being scooped, sucked, crunched or moved in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM makes me want to off myself. I’m urged to do what I usually do when I have a problem…research the hell out of it until I either A- figure out the problem/cause and try to fix it or B- get annoyed and just give up. All I can figure out so far is that C, “a sweet girl she is,”(I feel compelled to repeat this to myself in order to stop myself from wandering down the path toward hatred for her) has an oral fixation. What-the-f-ever. I just have to keep telling myself…having quirky roommates is PART of the 1/4 life crisis…but until then how ’bout I just prey that the heater breaks and melts all the ice while we’re at work??? No? ok, fine.

2 thoughts on “Ice, Ice Baby

  1. I’ve read that a compulsion to eat ice is an indicator of iron deficiency. I don’t know if that’s an old wives tale or not. Women often suffer from anemia so you might suggest she see a doctor who can do a quick test to see if she should be on supplements.

  2. That’s not an old wives tale. Iron deficiency is characterized by chewing on ice. A simple blood test from her doctor can verify this.

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