I’d Swipe Right: MODA Spa Facial Treatment & Cleansing Kit

Because using brushes to apply your face products is the ultimate luxury…

I’d Swipe Right: MODA Spa Facial Treatment and Cleansing Kit

What caught my attention: After writing this post a few years back I was pretty much hooked on applying my moisturizer with a brush.  Granted, I used a Kylie Jenner-approved (super expensive) brush in my post, so when I got sent this brush duo kit, and realized it cost less than $10 for both brushes, I knew I had to test these out.

What it claims to be: Make every day a spa day with this brush duo! Used in conjunction with your favorite facial cleansing products and masks, the MODA Spa Kit keeps your skin clean, clear and glowing. The Deep Pore cleansing brush helps gently lift dirt and debris from the face with it’s soft, textured head. The Spa Facial brush has soft, dense bristles to gently apply an even layer of gel, cream or mud mask to your face.

Stalked info: These brushes are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and work specifically well with gel and cream products.

What I thought after our first “date”: The brushes are super soft (bristles AND handles, btw) and I love them both!  The Deep Pore Cleansing Brush did an awesome job cleansing my face with my gel cleanser.  The Spa Facial Brush is soft but dense, and I used it to apply a mud mask to my face…and I’m officially hooked.

What do you guys think? Will you try applying your face products with a brush?


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