I’m With the Band

So I really want to be able to wear headbands. I keep seeing celebs and “regular people” wearing them and I saw reallllly cute ones at J.Crew the other day. The thing is, I just don’t know if I can actually pull it off (there’s always at least one trend a season that I like but don’t know if I can actually do it…and that is SO annoying)
Anyway, there are thick ones and thin ones- I could probably get away with a thin one (maybe with a cute pattern?) but I just don’t have enough hair to get away with the thick one- damn you fine hair!

One thought on “I’m With the Band

  1. i think with your new downtown bangs you can TOTALLY pull of the headband. i didn’t think i could either until i realized that i could put the bangs in front of the headband…i think thin looks stupid and thick does too…it’s the inbetween that works best.

    but what do i know? i’m just an expat (or atleast i will be in a week!)

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