Inspired By: Gwen Stefani’s pregnancy style

gwen stefani

I’m obviously always obsessed with all things GWEN STEFANI, but I got a pitch recently about the above photo that really made me realize something: Gwen has the BEST pregnancy style EVER.  Seriously, like ever.  She looks better pregnant that most people (myself included) look while they’re not pregnant and hommage must be paid.  I’m obsessed with the Mark and Estel Belled Mini Dress that Gwen is wearing (above) over leather pants with heels, of course.  Here are a few of my other favorite Gwen pregnancy looks…


Again with the leather leggings and it’s perfection.


The white jacket really accentuates her baby bump and her “fancy sweatpants,” as I like to call  them, are perfect.


 Hands-down my absolute favorite. I’m a big fan of the red dress, especially on blondes, but this version is the most put together version I can possibly imagine.


Gwen has always been the queen of mixing patterns and I love the mixtures here, especially with her signature red lip.


“Maternity” evening done RIGHT. 

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