Inspired By: The Year of the Snake

If there’s one thing I know about, it’s a snake.  And guys, 2013…it’s the YEAR of the snake or, the black snake, to be exact.  I’ve always been curius about astrology and, in all honesty, I think it definitely does have some merrit…but, you know, you can’t take it too seriously (like anything in life, really) and I’m constantly annoyed by all of the hippie dippies out here in LA when they say “what’s your sign?” after I say “hi, I’m Jamie.”  I digress.

1. Zara Snake Print Neckerchief: I like a good neckerchief…who doesn’t?  A good scarf can dress up any plain outfit and animal print is always on-trend. 

2. Jennifer Fisher Brass Large Snake Cuff: I’m weirdly into snake jewelry, ask my friends, and this Jennifer Fisher cuff is pretty bad ass, I have to say.

3. Rachel Zoe “Laura” Snake Ballet Flats: It’s totally cliche but anything that’s Rachel Zoe-approved is A-OK by me.  I love a good ballet flat.  I love me some animal print.  So…done deal.

4. Essie Magnetic Nail Polish in “Snake, Rattle & Roll”: Aside from having the coolest nail polish name EVER, this polish is actually pretty awesome.  It lasts longer than most and gives nails a really unique texture.

5. Jacqui Aiche Extra Long Snake Ring: If you read this blog, you know I love a statement ring, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised at all that I love this extra long, gold, snake ring.  DUH.

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