It’s possible: You can be in love with a toothbrush

philips sonicare diamondclean toothbrush

I never thought I’d be this enthusiastic about a toothbrush but, I gotta tell you guys, I totally am…

I started using the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush as soon as I received it at a recent press event, and it was instantaneous obsession.  For YEARS my dentist has been saying to me “why don’t you get a Sonicare?” since I do have issues with plaque buildup (hi, my name’s Jamie and I’m a mouth-breather), but I always kind of blew off the idea since I already used an electric toothbrush and honestly never thought it was any better than the plain old manual version.

THEN I tried the Sonicare DiamondClean and on the very first brush I was like “WHOA.”

It was kind of like a facial for my teeth.

According to the brand, a manual toothbrush gives you about 300 brush strokes a minute, while a regular old electronic toothbrush gives you about 3,000…but the Sonicare DiamondClean give you 31,000 brushes per minute, removing 100% more plaque, according to clinical trials.  Kind of AMAZING, right?

I also love the charging options. Like you see in my photo, the glass cup isn’t just for decoration…it’s actually a CHARGER, which is just awesome.  The set also comes with a travel charger so you can bring your Sonicare with you when you travel, which is actually pretty genius since I pretty much always felt like I had to bring a crappy manual toothbrush in the past since most electric brushes don’t come with any kind of case and things can get icky.

Sure, $190 for a toothbrush seems like a lot but I’m totally sold…who can put a price on healthy, super white teeth?


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