A Little Too Much Podcast #16: Jaclyn London, Head of Nutrition & Wellness at WW and author of “Dressing on the Side.”

Jaclyn London

Because let’s talk all things food and eating during Coronavirus (and after)…

This week Jamie talks to Jaclyn London, head of Nutrition and Wellness at WW and author of Dressing on the Side.  You can listen to the full episode HERE.

They discuss emotional eating, especially during COVID. Jaclyn London talks about how stress eating is normal and then goes into what happens when it becomes a coping mechanism.

Jackie shares her tips on how to create a food and eating routine that works for you. How to make the most of it, using what you have on hand (as far as food), and her tips on adding more food versus taking away food.

Jamie then talks about why she hates “meal prep” photos on Instagram. And Jackie shares the best canned foods to stock up on and why our own personal food history matters.

They then get into why eliminating total food groups from your diet will never be effective and Jackie’s take on food restriction in general.

They end the episode with Jackie’s best advice on staying food consistent, tactics to stop overeating, COVID food trends why saying that you’re going to “work off” food isn’t actually scientifically possible.

Things we mention:

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