Jeannine Morris on E! Emmy’s segment!

So working in the beauty/social media industry, I meet a LOT of people.  Most are fairly nice or at least tolerable but I do hold a few that I’ve met close to me and consider them TRUE friends.  Jeannine Morris is one of those few!  As a former Cosmo editor, beauty writer and founder of BeautySweetSpot.com, Jeannine is a mega force in the beauty world but wanna know how we fell in friendship love?  I was flying out to LA to find an apartment, my flight was delayed SIX, yes I said SIX hours and I went on Twitter only to see that Jeannine had tweeted about having a glass of wine in Terminal 5 at JFK.  Wait- I was in terminal 5 at JFK!  I tweeted back and emailed her and eventually we found each other!  How CRAZY is that?  Anyhow, we stayed in touch and when she came out to LA to do an E! segment for the Emmy’s we hung out poolside at my favorite spot, The Roosevelt Hotel (we even met Sal from E!, who apparently thought he knew me), and I helped her practice her lines for the segment!  I’m proud to say that Jeannine absolutely killed it- flawless.  Check out her segment on her blog, here.

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