Jelly Sandals, How I Love You So…

So one of my fondest memories of my childhood is when my parents, my sister and I would go to Montauk every summer…we would “camp” and barbeque with my Dad’s high school friends from Long Island and their families and it was truly a family bonding experience. I was a very “stubborn” child, to say the least; I only wore the color green for a period of time (including green Nike sneakers), I insisted on having a seperate fork and plate for every type of food, etc. God bless my parents for having the patience to deal with me. But anyway, I went through a period of obsession with Jelly Sandals as well. One summer in Montauk, I insisted on wearing my jelly sandals in the ocean and lost one in a tubing “accident.” Needless to say, I was DEVASTATED and now have the incredible urge to buy myself a grown-up, new pair from Urban Outfitters!

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