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jetblue mint

I know I’ve been lacking with posts lately, but here’s why…I’ve been in New York.

One of my new year goals is always to “travel more” but, in all reality, I’ve often failed miserably at that since moving to Los Angeles in 2009; not that I don’t love traveling back and forth to New York to see my family but, yeah, a real vacation would be kinda nice (stay tuned for one coming up in MARCH!).  I make a point to try and stick with the same airlines when going back and forth since building up points is pretty awesome and when I heard about JetBlue’s MINT, their new first class, I knew I had to try it out.  MINT actually makes sitting on an airplane for 5-6 hours enjoyable…and that’s saying a lot.

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The seats! SO SPACIOUS.  They also have “pods” (e.g. singular seats with doors) available but I wasn’t lucky enough to get one of those since there’s only two available per flight.  However, the two seater has PLENTY of room.  You walk onto the plane (first, of course) and there’s a nice comforter, pillow and personal welcome note all ready for you.

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Next up you get a “RefreshMINT” cocktail while others are boarding the plane.  Gotta say, it was super refreshing and I love the combination of mint and vodka.

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I spent about 10 minutes studying the seat buttons, just to make sure I would take FULL advantage of everything my seat had to offer me.  The massage was subtle, but nice, and I liked that you can adjust the leg rest.

JetBlue MINT seat

A sketch of everything the seat has to offer (and that’s a LOT). The seat lays flat to almost seven feet long!


Just a shot of me cuddling up and looking at the flight menu.  I tried taking food pics but the lighting was pretty terrible so just click HERE to get an idea of what the food looks like.  What I ordered:

  • Welcome Taste: Artichoke and black truffle crostini
  • Delish Dishes (you get 3): Herby lentil salad, shrimp and mascarpones grits, ricotta gnudi (my FAVORITE)
  • Sweet Bites: Seasonal fruit salad, organic chocolate ice cream from Blue Marble Ice Cream in Brooklyn

All the food is inspired by Saxon + Parole in New York City and Jon Bonne, JetBlue’s wine expert, selected all of the wine. I had the Lioco Chardonnay, which isn’t usually my go-to, and I really loved it.  No oak, no butter, just a ton of ripe pear flavor and steely freshness.

FullSizeRender (9)

To top everything off, I got BEAUTY PRODUCTS.  It’s like MINT actually really knows me…

FTC Disclosure: I received a free first class upgrade on JetBlue in exchange for blog and social media coverage but all opinions are my own, as per usual.

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