Just a little Perversion

urban decay perversion

With a tagline like “bigger, blacker, badder lashes,” I had to test it out…

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara is one of those mascaras that’s all kinds of awesome.  For one, I like a BIG mascara brush, ok?  And this baby has a BIG brush.  Second, it lengthens and volumizes. Third, it coats each lash with triple-black pigments and a deeply nourishing ingredient blend for bigger, blacker, badder lashes (the tagline is for REAL).  

Go ahead and pile on coat after coat — even if it’s been all day since you applied, (which is what I did today, actually) because the formula never gets sticky or clumpy. Perversion Mascara features Urban Decay’s high-tech, volumizing brush with twisted trim to latch on to each lash. No need to wiggle the wand or maneuver it at all different angles, the brush pulls through lashes smoothly and lays down a generous amount of product with a clean, clump-free finish…all of which I am VERY excited about.


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