Klorane Mask With Magnolia

Klorane Mask with Magnolia

Flower power in a sick conditioner…

If you look inside my shower you will see at least 4-5 hair masks at any given time.  I try to rotate them in and out in a timely manner for testing but, truth be told, when I LOVE a hair mask, I use it down to the very bottom of the jar, yep.  As is the case for the Klorane Mask With Magnolia because, guys, it’s super f*cking awesome.

The mask, enhanced with magnolia, soaks deep into the hair fibers to repair damage and restore shine and the magnolia actually also helped by providing a shine-activating polymer that works to seal split ends and add in shine.  My hair is seriously soft and shiny after I use this mask which, lately, I’ve been using as a regular conditioner as opposed to a weekly treatment mask.


Magnolia was specifically selected by Klorane because of its reflective and protective power in its wax. Cultivated in the South of France, the wax extract acts like a shine barrier and smoothes the hair cuticle to maximize light reflection, hydrates the hair fiber and protects the hair from external aggressions, leaving the hair incredibly shiny and soft.  Just a little flower science for you on this lovely Thursday…


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